Please contact Q20 Events for prices - prices may be subject to additional costs where travel/delivery expenses are incurred.

Prices are based on 3 x 40min walkabout performances within a 5 hour period.

We are able to provide a quote for a longer amount of time if required by the client. 

Dias de los Meurtos

Mexican-themed stilt-walking skeletons!

Bouncing Bats

Our bouncing bats are a fun addition to any Halloween event.

Stars & Stripes

A stilt version of our All American All Star characters! Great for American-themed events, like the increasingly popular Black Friday!

Bouncing Stars

A version of our Bouncing Sun Gods ... after dark! Adapted for South Shields' Nativity Parades, our Shepherd characters followed these shining stars!

Nativity Shepherds

Three shepherds followed a shining star ... The classic Nativity tale is recreated with our stilt-walking characters, perfect as we approach Christmas!

Silver Christmas Trees

Striking street theatre entertainment for your Christmas event.

Green Xmas Trees

Christmas Trees with a Magic Fairy and an Angelic Choirboy atop!

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Spectacular in silver!


The lady in red is perfect for a romance theme!

Candy Couple

Our classic stilt-walking duo - striking and exciting!

Bride and Groom

So happy they said, 'I do!'

Bouncing Chefs

Great for food-themed events, our Chefs are bouncing with enthusiasm for delicious delicacies!

Floating Astronaut

This comic spaceman is bouncing along as though he's weightless on the moon!

Bouncing Sun Gods

They bring sunshine to every event!

Bouncing Clapperboarders

They jump onto the scene and bring the, 'Action!'

Lord and Lady Fetlock

The lord and lady of the land - perfect for racing events, or country fairs!

Big Old Bill

Don't mess with Bill - he's a bobby on the lookout for troublemakers!

Bouncing Busbies

For a British theme, there's no one better than a Bouncy Busby!

Bouncing Tigers

Go really wild with Bouncing Tigers! Spectacular and striking!

Green Lady

Our characters are unique, striking and always surprising!

Mad Hatter

Many of our Alice in Wonderland characters are also available as stilt characters.