Valentine's Day

Please contact Q20 Events for prices - prices may be subject to additional costs where travel/delivery expenses are incurred.

Prices are based on 3 x 40min walkabout performances within a 5 hour period.

We are able to provide a quote for a longer amount of time if required by the client. 

Love Hearts

Welcoming you to try our Love Buzz game!


A spectacular stilt-walking lady in red, perfect for the day of love!

Los Romanticos!

They will serenade your senoritas!

Romantic Characters

Perfect for giveaways, or promotional events.

Bride & Groom

Celebrate everlasting love with the Bride and Groom - enjoying wedded bliss!

Golden Cherubs

Not just one, but two Stupid Cupids to shoot an arrow of romance into your life!

Giveaway Roses

We offer a range of beautiful red roses as giveaways for your romantic theme!

Candy Box Couple

Some say it with flowers, others say it with chocolates! Our spectacular stilt-walkers are great for giving away something sweet!

Pierrot & Pierrette

These silent lovers prove that romance doesn't always need words to make itself felt!

Charming Men

Perfect gentlemen: they love to give away chocolates and roses to all the ladies on Valentine's Day!

Love-ly Ladies

Perfect for Valentine's Day-themed workshops! Or why not have a gift-wrapping service for your customers buying gifts for loved ones?


On an Escalator!

Something Sweet for Sweethearts

We can offer a range of delicious treats as giveaways, handed out by one of our romantic characters!