Creative Process

First Design for Q20's Bouncing BatMagic Tree - designed by Morwenna Catt and created by Q20

Movie Dragon - designed by Morwenna Catt for Bradford LMCP

Peacock Parade - designed by Morwenna Catt for Bradford LMCP 2014

At Q20, we feel one of our greatest strengths is our ability to design and create spectacular costumes, props, sets, artistic workshops and installation art (and so much more), delivering these magnificent pieces for the many events we work on.

Our in-house Costume Department (led by Q20 co-founder Jacqueline Lambert) design and make all of the costumes that we send out for our performances; some have been requested by clients for specific events (our Magical Tree was created for Gateshead MetroCentre's Christmas show, which also involved the Q20-created MetroGnome characters), while others have been our own special creations, reflecting our love of children's entertainment and street arts performance.

A close-up of the completed Magic Tree

Our frequent collaborator, Morwenna Catt, has designed some of our most sensational pieces - including many of the characters and parade pieces included in our contributions to Bradford's annual Lord Mayor's Carnival Parade. Most of our costumes begin as sketchbook scribbles and go on to become astonishing costumes or set pieces, built in our workshops at Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub.

We're always happy to discuss ideas with our clients for costumes or props or shows, whether they're looking for cuddly mascots for a shopping centre (like Intu Uxbridge's Gordon the Globe or the MetroCentre's MetroGnomes) or something new and exciting for a promotional event, like our 2015 Valentine's creation, the Walkabout Love Hearts. We welcome any opportunity to create something truly dazzling!

Q20-created 'Gordon the Globe' is Intu Uxbridge's mascot - we still perform with him lots!