Please contact Q20 Events for prices - prices may be subject to additional costs where travel/delivery expenses are incurred.

Prices are based on 3 x 40min walkabout performances within a 5 hour period.

We are able to provide a quote for a longer amount of time if required by the client. 


Great for patriotic-themed events, especially St. George's Day! The Knight is dressed in a real full suit of armour, and his knightly courage is real too!

Bouncing Jester

He's bouncing with fun! The Jester entertains all the court with his madcap antics!

Maiden & Dragon

The beautiful maiden rides atop the great green dragon!

Knight on Stilts

The courageous knight on stilts towers above the crowds - it's the best way for people to see how brave he is!

St. George's Day Flag Bearer

Great for parades, our medieval character leads the procession waving the flag of St. George!

Donny Dragon

Donny doesn't have wings and he isn't the fiercest dragon, but he does have lots of heart!