Props, Sets and Other Items

Please contact Q20 Events for prices - prices may be subject to additional costs where travel/delivery expenses are incurred.

Santa's Sleigh

One of our most popular characters is Santa on his sleigh! The sleigh driven by an Elf and is great both indoors and outdoors; it can drive along in a parade or stand stationary in a town square. Please note many clients book a year in advance!

Pirate Ship

Our pirate ship really sails the Seven Seas! It can be driven by a swashbuckling seadog in parades or drop anchor in a shopping centre - beware the Q20 pirates!

Golden Lion

Originally created for a carnival event, our Golden Lion has since starred in lots of parades, including Wizard of Oz and Narnia-themed events.

Film Camera Dragon

The Film Camera Dragon brings to life an old-style cine-camera, turning it into a Chinese New Year-style dragon! A spectacular piece, created for Bradford's celebrations as the first UNESCO City of Film.


This giant corgi is a beautiful work of art - we create custom willow structures which can be decorated by Q20 or by the public for one of our workshops.

Shipley Letters

We created these fantastic letters for Shipley Street Arts Festival and had groups from the community each decorate one. We can provide letters to suit your theme and event.


This giant fish was created for the Shipley Street Arts Festival, designed by Morwenna Catt and made by local school children!


A giant box of popcorn - that's why people love going to the movies!

Magical Tree

The Magical Tree was created for a Christmas show, but has since been used at lots of fairy-tale themed events, and also a Halloween grotto where a Wicked Witch taught children how to make magic wands!

Tiger On Parade

This beautiful Tiger stalks his prey ... let's just hope he doesn't have his eye on anyone in the parade!

Tiger (as a puppet and costume)`

The Tiger was also used in one of our shows as a puppet costume - controlled by the performer within, it is truly mesmerising!

Pedal Car

The perfect way for our characters to get around!

Ice Cream Bike

Our fabulous Ice Cream Bike was created as part of Tour de Yorkshire celebrations - but it continues to stock iced treats for our events!

Space Bike

Our weird and wonderful space bike drives a huge silver telescope through which you can see the stars!

Dr Who-inspired Dalek

Exterminate! We pay tribute to the classic Dr Who baddie, the Daleks, with this remote-controlled robot!

Chocolate Fountain

If you require something decadent, delicious and luxurious for your event, why not hire our Chocolate Fountain?

The "Love Buzz" Game

A Valentine's Day take on the classic wire maze game. Don't get the wire or you'll get a love buzz!

Pamper Parlour

Perfect for Mother's Day! When you're done shopping and you need to start dropping, sit back and relax and have your nails done! Or, perhaps a de-stressing massage?


If you can't wait for the fair to come to town, why not hire your very own Hook-a-Duck stall?

Games Roadshow: Snakes 'n' Ladders

Our massive version of Snakes 'n' Ladders is tons of fun, with participants playing the game on the board themselves! With a compere to lead the show and prizes supplied, it's great fun for all involved.

Games Roadshow

Roll the giant dice for lots of fun!

Games Roadshow: Beach-Ball Challenge

Like an old fashioned coconut shy, you throw beanbags at balloons and if you knock one off, you win a prize!

Games Roadshow

Comperes are provided with every Games Roadshow activity, to make sure everybody's safe, playing fairly and most of all, having fun! They'll also give out prizes at the end of the game.

Games Roadshow: Penalty Shoot Out

Great for World Cup-themed events, you've got to score a goal to win a prize!

Games Roadshow

Knock down the cardboard players to score and win a prize!

Seaside Photo Board

For a seaside-themed event, what could be better than an old-fashion photo board? Say cheese!

Seaside Photo Board

There'll be plenty to giggle about with these seaside photo boards!

Post Box

Our post box often appears at Christmas: children write and send letters straight to Santa!

Willow Structures

In the past we've made lots of different structures using willow - many of which are available for decoration at events, like our giraffes! We're also able to create new, custom willow structures for your event!

Willow Structures

We also lead workshops where children can decorate willow creations - these have been especially popular in schools.