Please contact Q20 Events for prices - prices may be subject to additional costs where travel/delivery expenses are incurred.

Prices are based on 3 x 40min walkabout performances within a 5 hour period.

We are able to provide a quote for a longer amount of time if required by the client. 

Santa's Elves

Santa's little helpers are lots of fun, and great for walkabout performances and handing out giveaways.

Los Romanticos presents ... Fiesta de Navidad!

A Christmas version of our Spanish serenading duo! The Latin lovers sing comedy versions of Christmas carols and love songs.

Candy Stripes

You may have seen them in our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show, or perhaps at a Christmas event, handing out the candy canes!

Angel (LED Wings)

This angel lights up the night sky with her beautiful glowing wings!

Snow Balls

Our cheeky Snow Balls are a fun walkabout comedy performance.

Dizzy & Dotty

A Victorian walkabout singing duo - performing carols and comedy!

Jack Frost and the Snow Queen

Frozen fun!

Wear It Winter-themed!

These glamorous ladies are perfect for promotional events and handing out giveaways for winter-themed events!

Snow Queen

The evil Snow Queen from the land of Narnia comes alive again! Even if her heart is as cold as ice! A great tribute to the classic Narnia books.

Mr Tumnus

Recreating the magic of C. S. Lewis' magical children's novels, a fabulous tribute to Mr Tumnus, everyone's favourite faun!

Candy Fairy

Great at Christmas- or sweet-themed events, she's a little pink pixie who's ever so nice!

Fairy Godmother

She turned some mice and a pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage ... now she wants to grant a wish for you!

All-American All-Stars

Great for the increasingly popular "Black Friday" events, or any event with an American theme!

Native Americans

Perhaps a Pocahontas or Sitting Bull for your event? Or a fearsome Tiger Lily for a Peter Pan-themed day?

Love-ly Ladies

Dressed for romance!

Pierrot & Pierrette

Based on the classic pantomime character - this performance takes your audience right back to the beginnings of street theatre!

Green Suits

Perfect for St Patrick's Day! Or, go green for an eco-friendly event!

Colourful Characters

Great for Easter events, these pale pastel characters can act as minders to our cuddly characters, or provide customer service during a busy period in a shopping centre: helping with shopping, handing out giveaways, and other helpful assistance.

Rockin' Dad

Created for Father's Day - he's the ultimate (embarrassing!) Daddy Cool!

Mirror Men

These strange characters in black and white are in perfect sync as mirror opposites at all times!

Popcorn Princess

Delicious treats and snacks for the interval!

Ushers and Usherettes

Smartly-dressed and waiting in the aisles!

Ushers & Giant Popcorn

One of our many carnival creations - perfect for your red carpet event!


For a touch of class, you can't go wrong with our doorman! Great as walkabout entertainment, promotional staff providing giveaways, or just part of the scenery of your theme!

Lara Croft Lookalike

This Tomb Raider-inspired character is popular for adventure-themed events!

Indiana Jones Lookalike

We pay tribute to the classic films with this Indy-inspired character on another adventure!

Luke Globetrotter and Laura Jones

Adventure characters created by Q20!

Best of British

Perfect for any patriotic event!

WWI Soldiers

Frequently seen at vintage events, our WWI characters pay tribute to British wartime spirit!

WWI Nurses

These old Matrons are a comedy duo act, popular at vintage and nostalgia events. It's wartime and there's no time for funny business (though you'll notice one Nurse is carrying a bedpan ...)

Pearly King

What British-themed event would be complete without a Pearly King?

Big Old Bill

This walkabout bobby is on the lookout for any trouble - so be careful, or you'll be nicked!

Monsieur Le Tour

Created for our various 'Tour de Yorkshire' events in 2014 - this cyclist brings a French flavour to any event! (Seen here with his sometime-companion, Le Woof!)

Los Romanticos

These Latin lovers are perfect for the scintillating sunshine of the summer! They perform comedy versions of love songs to serenade the senoritas!

Manjy the Clown

Q20's classic clown act, performed by John Lambert

Justin Credible

He's a superhero with a heart of gold!

Wendy Race

She's a dazzling role model!

Percy Veer

He;s our mad scientist who keeps on trying!

Bjorn T'Cheat

He's always up to no good!

Alice in Wonderland Characters

See our Alice in Wonderland page under Themes for Alice-themed walkabout performances.

Harry Potter-inspired Characters

See our Harry Potter page for magical walkabout characters.

Space Man

If you want your event to reach for the stars, what better way than enlisting a Space Man?


For an out-of-this-world event, look no further than our weird Alien!

Ent (Walking Tree)

A specially-created walking, talking tree - great for a Lord of the Rings-style event!


If you need angelic entertainment for your event, we have just the heavenly character to help you!


Angelic figures perfect for Christmas Nativity scenes.